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about gelalito

Our History

On March 2020, we, a couple in love, decided to go into business for ourselves by opening our first gelato shop in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. We were inspired by the infamous Steve Jobs’s quote; “If you want to make everyone happy, don’t be a leader, sell ice cream”, and so we did and still do. We are sure that whether anyone is having an amazing or a rough day, the taste of our gelato will still wider their smile. For us, sharing love and happiness even just a tiny bit of them, is a priceless fulfilment.

And so, we prepared to start our venture, naming our shop “Gelalito” with a cute happy elephant holding a scoop of pink gelato at the end of its trunk as our brand logo. The elephant symbolizes a good luck and destroyer of evil while the happy face symbolizes positive energy. The pink gelato represents love in a form of gelato, and the way it’s held by the trunk means that it is always ready to be shared as far as the trunk can reach. This is a pledge to both of us that we will offer warm and loving services to all our customers.

We made our own gelato with only premium ingredients, and most of it are natural and some flavours are vegan as well to ensure that our customers are not only happy and satisfied but also healthy as well.

Sadly, after first amazing week, we were forced to close our first shop because of the global pandemic caused by the massive spread of Coronavirus. Although we could still run the business by online orders and home delivery services, we went into despair and contemplated whether we should continue this gelato business or give up on it. Long story short, months after, we decided to go on and presented our business to collaborate with one of the restaurants in “Kota Lama” tourism area in Semarang, Central java.

On October 2020, we opened our second shop in Kota Lama. With the same energy and same mission, we run it with full passion, especially during a time like that, everyone craves for love, everyone needs more reasons to smile, and we are always happy to share some. It has been a difficult road for us all, not to mention the policies after policies made by the government to stop the spread, it is a nightmare for business owners. But we decided to preserve the positive energy, that happy elephant face, since our goal is not always about making money, but to make our customers happy. And how on earth can we do that if we, ourselves, aren’t. Happiness is not a destination, it’s a state of mind.

We will carry on this mission forever, as we went on to open our third shop in MT Haryono, Semarang on August 2021, and we’ll keep expanding, keep spreading the love, as far as the trunk can reach.

Enjoy Gelalito! 

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